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Red Square, Moscow

Moscow Red Square is one of the most celebres in the world . In its 330 meters in length has happened half the history of Russia. When you enter the square through the main gate and you can enjoy the views of the immense square, with the St. Basil Cathedral and Kremlin you will feel that your trip to Russia has been worthwhile. In this post we are going to tell you all the exciting stories that surround this mythical square, as well as its monuments and more info. We begin.

What to see in the Red Square

The main objective of Red Square since its creation was to serve as a local Moscow market. Not long ago it ceased its activity as a market to become a partially tourist square, and I say this because it also hosts events of various kinds . The word that best describes this square is in Russian Krasivaya, which means beautiful/unbelievable. It is said that the places keep the stories of those who inhabited them. Really this square has something special, and will remain in your memory as one of the best memories of your vacation. Man has a natural affinity for greatness. Without further delay I will tell you what you can find in this very famous square.

St. Basil’s Cathedral:

St. Basil’s Cathedral is located in the southern part of Красная Площадь (Red Square), next to the Kremlin’s most famous tower. This 9-dome wonder will delight your senses as it is very different from anything you have seen before. Its fine features and strange figures are typical of Russia’s ancient architectural style. The mixture of cultures that you will find on its walls and religious figures will surprise you and is that thanks to the unruly history of Russia this country has been able to receive the spell of many cultures. It was ordered to be built with the famous Tsar Ivan the Terrible. It has a lot of legends that surround it, making your visit to the interior something very entertaining. It is said that Ivan had the architect’s eyes taken out so that he could never build anything more beautiful. The name of the architect is not known either, and if formerly they were the same colors that dress it. I leave you a post that you can read of all its legends and mysteries, as well as visiting hours and ticket prices:

St. Basil’s Cathedral.


The word Kremlin means fortress. In Russia there are more than 15, mostly in ancient medieval cities, which have grown outside their walls over time. Currently the residence of the president of the country, the Kremlin is one of the most fun and exciting attractions of the city.

Being a closed enclosure this fortress has a large red wall that surrounds it. Accessing by any of its large gates you can visit several cathedrals , as well as its gardens and monuments emblematic. It possesses the most famous tower of the country serving of it for the bells in new night. The Kremlin is a jewel that you can’t miss as an adventurer.

The Kremlin.

Kazan Church:

The church or so-called cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan is an orthodox church built in the pure style of the architecture of the area.

In front of its arches and religious glass say some writings that not long ago the whole area was hairy . And I say hairy because in the old distribution of the Red Square the northern part where it is located was well known for its barbershops uncovered. For the access to this type of churches it is recommended to be very respectful and above all very silent.

State Museum of Russian History:

This museum is one of the most exquisite visits to the city of Moscow. Being able to access it from inside the square as outside it is difficult not to perceive its tremendous structure and architectural style.

Accessing the corridors will guide you from prehistory to the present day as it has a great collection of the history of Russia and its vast territory.

It is one of the oldest museums in the capital. The building, built between 1875 and 1881, was born under Russian National Socialism. Many of the objects in the galleries were donated by the inhabitants of the city, their most valuable objects or even entire collections. The total number of objects on display collects approximately 4 million artistic pieces. However, I have to tell you that only 1% of all collections are exhibited for the public. The history of Russia is very exciting, so I highly recommend this visit.

Without a doubt it is an essential visit no matter how short your trip is.

Interesting data

Some historians say around the controversy that the Square was not planned as a construction with exact measures, it formed spontaneously in an empty space where it was easy to hide in case the city was attacked by surprise.

How to get to the Red Square in Moscow

The best way to get to the Red Square is by metro, but you can also get there by bus. The trains from outside to the Red Square do not arrive, although in 1909 there was such a route through it, but it was dismantled by the end of 1930.

Metro to get to the Red Square

Around the Red Square are several subway stations belonging to three main lines. However, none of the stations is called “Red Square” like many metro stations in Moscow. And although there is no exit to the metro in the Plaza, in San Fernando’s car (some on foot and others on foot) in less than 5 minutes you have arrived.

The closest stops to the Red Square are:

(In the metro maps you will find the stations in Cyrillic and also in Latin):

Okhotny Ryad of the Sokolnicheskaya line.

Площадь Революции of the line Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya

Театральная of the zamoskvoretskaya line.

All the stops are in the same station, so my recommendation is that you choose the car #7 and when you reach them follow the signs to Red Square “Red Square.


At the second station and farther away enter the Lubyanka stations of the line sokolnicheskaya.

Also the station Kuznetsky of the line Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya that once you leave by any of its exits you will be about 7-10 minutes on foot.

Metro timetables

The metro is open from 5:30 to 1:00. More information on the official website (Which is a piece of web) “Transport in Moscow >>“.

By bus

Bus stops “Red Square” are located on the side of St. Basil’s Cathedral: on Varvarka Street, 2 (towards the Moskova River) and Varvarka Street, 8 (from Lubanka).

On the route there are only two buses – № 158 (3-th Paveletsky paso-lubiansky pass) and № M5 (Polytechnic road – Nagornaya street).

More city buses pass through the historical center on the other side of the Red Square: by Mohovaya Street. These are routes no. 101, 144, 904, K, M1, m2, M3, M10, H1, H2.

How to get to Plaza Roja by train

The main transport from Moscow train stations-metro. Metro stations are at every station, so it is fast and convenient to get there:

From Yaroslavl, Kazan, Leningradsky stations – 4 stations on the Sokolnicheskaya line: from “Komsomolskaya” to “Series okhotnogo”.

From Paveletsky station – 2 stations on the zamoskvoretsky line, from “Paveletsky” to “Teatralnaya”.

From Kursk station – 1 station via Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line: take in “Kursk”, after 3 minutes exit at “Revolution Square”.

From Belorusskaya Station – 3 stations on the zamoskvoretsky branch, from “Belorusskaya” to “Teatralnaya”.

From Kiev station – 3 stations on the Arbatskaya-Pokrovskaya line: from “Kiev” to “Revolution Square”.

Red Square Taxi

Using the taxi to get to the Plaza is not always a good option. It is especially hora puta and practically any time of the day until late at night. My recommendation as it is said to you is the subway, which is also faster.

However, the taxi is still just the only option for those who arrive at the train station or airport at night when the metro is not operational . In addition, in the taxi the driver is able to get not only to the Red Square, but also to the exact address you ask him. And you save yourself having to study the map and subway stations late at night or tired of a long journey.

It can be booked in advance, including a trip to the Red Square the gender of the driver, through the taxi application of yandex.ru. It is a pass.

Red Square Map

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