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Cathedral of Christ the Savior of Moscow:

The city of Moscow is an impressive place, it is a true cosmopolitan city full of the country’s own traditions mixed with the modernism and strength of a powerful capital. Although it may be a hectic and congested place, it has a special beauty in its education, its finesse and romanticism. A clear example is the cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

The cathedral of Christ the Saviour is located in the center of the city, next to the Pushkin Museum, Tretyakov the famous statue of Peter the Great. If you are planning to visit it is a great option as it is not only a magical cathedral, but also its surroundings are majestic. It will not be difficult to find it, as it can be seen from many angles of the city, especially if you are walking along the river Moscova that is on its side.


The Cathedral of Christ the Savior of Russia:

Among Moscow’s remarkable monuments this orthodox cathedral is the highest in Russia. The majestic cathedral has a long and eventful history.

Events and history

In 1812, Napoleon’s occupation definitively left Russian territory. The emperor himself signed the manifesto for the construction of the Moscow cathedral. The construction of the cathedral lasted about 50 years, built with the resources of the state and voluntary donations from those close to the church and the people. On the day of its inauguration Alexander III was crowned Tsar of Russia in 1883.

After the Revolution, the sacred site of the cathedral was chosen by the Soviet leadership for the construction of a great monument to socialism and Lenin. In 1931, the cathedral was reduced to rubble to make way for a Soviet palace this finally never became more than an idea. This was mainly due to lack of money. The local people accuse this fact to the mismanagement of the Soviet government.

How to get there:

Being in the most touristic centre of the city, whether you are travelling with a guide or on your own, it will not be difficult to find it. If you are going by Metro you can get off at the Kropotkinskaya station. My recommendation is that you visit the cathedral before visiting the Pushkin Museum which has great value and is really close. Afterwards you can take a walk on the banks of the Moscow River and enjoy the sunset and enjoy the special light that Moscow has.

As a documentary data I will tell you that in the Temple there is a bookstore and a Museum and excursions are organized. Going up the stairs of the Temple there is also a Mirador.

The Abbot of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is the Most Holy Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.

Opening Hours

The schedule that does not change is from 10:00-17:00 from Monday to Sunday.

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