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If your goal is to travel to Russia this is the blog you are looking for. Here we give you all the information you need for your trip.

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If your goal is to travel to Russia in a free way this is the blog you needed. Here you will find everything you need to prepare your holidays or so-called cultural trips. In this mega post I will put at your disposal all the information, tricks and tips to travel to one of the most exciting civilizations in the world.

If you are still studying the possibility of choosing this destination or if your decision has already been made, I will tell you that Russia is IMPRESSIVE. The enigma that surrounds this land of tsars, will catch you, like every traveler who ventures to visit Russian lands. All this enigma you will find reflected in their cathedrals, in their churches, natural places and the immensity of a country misunderstood by many cultures of the world.

All this and much more are things you can not miss on your visit to the kingdom of Rus. Cheer up and discover for yourself that Russia is for you.

What to see in Russia

Since I see you more convinced of your trip, I will propose you below, regardless of the days and duration of your visit, which destinations are the most attractive for your visit to the largest country in the world:
Top 10 What to see in Russia

Moscow Red Square

One of the biggest attractions and one of the most frequented destinations on trips to Russia, is the Red Square (Красная площадь) being one of the most emblematic squares of the globe is a destination that can not miss in your planning.

>>What to visit in Moscow Red Square

Lake Baikal in Russia

Better known as the “Blue Eye of Siberia” is a paradigmatic destination. One of the planet’s most spectacular natural jewels is the world’s largest freshwater reservoir. One of the most captivating things about Lake Baikal is the colors it adopts at different times of the year. Composed of small islands and ecological routes, it is one of the most irresistible tourist destinations in the Russian country in the Asian continent. In order to reach it you will have the possibility to travel on the trans-Siberian among other transports. This destination is very typical for lovers of camping, but also those who want to enjoy the pleasure of nature and want to spend the night in the cities adjacent to this beautiful lake.

Why you should know Lake Baikal

St. Basil’s Cathedral

St. Basil’s Cathedral is located in the architectural complex of Red Square, next to the Kremlin which is the heart of Moscow. With its 9 domes denotes a mixture of styles from different eras and cultures making it one of the most emblematic images of the country. But your visit not only its architecture is attractive, but also the history and enigma that surrounds it, as it is unknown who was the architect who built it or until the colors formerly adorned its walls.

>>St. Basil’s Cathedral

Western Russia

St. Petersburg

Natural jewellery from Russia

Lake Baikal
Eastern Russia
Novosibirsk (New Siberia)

Moscow: is the current capital of Russia, although it was not in the past today is the nucleus of Russia. It is a very organized city, so you can travel to your destinations with public transport in a fast and tourist way. And is that one of its main attractions is the metro itself. At each stop you will discover different architectural periods linked to the history of the city. During the day you can enjoy its parks and countless museums and at night you can walk to the riverside or have a drink in Moscow City.

St. Petersburg: is the heart of Russia. A city made up of innumerable canals has more bridges than Venice. During the day you can take a cruise along its countless canals and other attractions in this city of kings, and in the afternoon you can visit its museums known around the world.

Ekaterinburg: o Yekaterinburg located near the Urals and is known for its museums, theatres always accompanied by an extraordinarily green and wild nature wherever you go.

Volgobrad: is a city located in the middle of the Volga River in the southern part of Russia. It is a destination that has had a very remarkable growth in tourism and is certainly a destination to consider if your trip consists of more than 2 weeks in the country. Among other remarkable buildings has the Motherland sculpture and other fantastic monuments and museums.
Novosibirsk: The so-called New Siberian City is the capital and queen of destinations if you are including Siberia in your travel plans. It has one of the largest stations on the long road taken by the most famous train in the East: the Trans-Siberian.

Traveling to Russia on your own

The main objective of international tourism is that the tourist connects with a reality different from the one in which he or she lives. Well, that’s what happens when you travel to Russia. The country of the kingdom of Rus is a destination completely incomparable to other tourist destinations. That is why the adventurous person who crosses the continent to get to know this country of tsars cannot avoid visiting it again on more than one occasion.

Tourism in Russia

Visas to Russia

For all those who wish to visit Russia as a tourist must make a procedure prior to your trip to issue the visa at the Russian embassy in your country. The process is simple and effective but you must pay close attention to follow strictly all steps to not have any scare in the eve of your flight.

Step by step the whole process for the visa to Russia

In Russia there are no roads, only directions.

Climate to travel to Russia

The most important thing about the climate in Russia is: It depends on the region you are heading to. Most of Russia has a moderate climate making it a comfortable place to travel.

The image of Russia that we all have is a country covered in white and people so sheltered that you can barely distinguish their faces. This is not entirely the case. Being such an extraordinarily large country the temperatures vary in an extreme way. It is very different to be talking about Batagay or Siberia (Sybir in its pronunciation to Russian) than Volgograd or cities adjacent to Kazakhstan.

I cannot avoid mentioning in this section that unlike other guides that could be made from other countries the Russian climate is very beautiful. The powerful and wild nature of the country of the white bear is intrinsically linked to its climate. Understanding the climate of this country is part of understanding its culture, as they are intimately related.

What to wear in Russia

Autumn Spring Season

Western Russia

In the great majority of the cities that you have to visit of this western zone of Russia the temperatures for this time of the year are LOW. For what my recommendation you prepare your suitcase like to travel to Madrid in winter. Do not miss the coat, scarf and gloves as essential material for your adventure. It should be noted that in Russia clothing is quite cheap but when we talk about coats and cold material are other prices. Even so, if you want to buy quality material for cold weather, buying at the destination is a great option. Quality assured.

Eastern Russia

The eastern part of the Asian continent is very extensive. If we talk about the Northern Hemisphere cities like Novosibirsk or the volcanic area of Petropavlovsk winter clothing is essential. Try to buy good winter clothes and short winds in winter sports shops. Don’t be afraid at all, but don’t be reckless with the temperatures in this unspoilt nature area.

If you go to the south in areas adjacent to Mongolia and Kazakhstan advise you to wear short wind clothing and shelter without excess. Also add some short-sleeved clothing for the midday sun hours.

August season:

Western Russia

The August season in western Russia water and green flood cities and towns. It usually rains a few days throughout the month and my recommendation is that you wear 70% of your summer clothes and some warm clothes such as sweaters or boots.

Eastern Russia

Depending on whether you are heading south or north your summer clothes should range from 50% to 70%. Always include a sweater in your luggage.

Winter season:

Western Russia

This is my favorite time to visit the country of the white bear. The cold is intense, although you should know that in the cities the heating works in an exemplary way. If you enter almost all public places like the metro you will have to remove all layers and even stay in short sleeves. My recommendation is that you buy a quality coat with short wind gloves and all the preparation for cold snow and temperatures below zero assured. Don’t forget to add some short-sleeved T-shirt for your stay in houses and public indoor places.

Eastern Russia

Why would I lie to you if you already know. Incredibly cold. Wrap up well and may God be with you. It’s a joke.

If your destination is the northern part at this time of year you should get the best coat you can find and a good thermal preparation with snow pants and quality sports equipment. The hat, the earmuffs, the fat gloves and the boots cannot be missing. Avoid depending on just one garment, try to take several pairs of everything you can, in this area the clothes are not too much.

Why is it cold in Siberia?

The largest records of temperatures below 0 are the majority of Siberia. This is primarily due to its geographical location and the location of its mountains but mostly because of its proximity to the sea. The water of the ocean that surrounds zones of incredible cold as the Antarctica does of a constant regulator of temperatures. This climatic phenomenon is not affected in the desert Siberia thus making its vertigo temperatures are maintained and even increased by not having this regulatory effect. No cold zone in the world is as far from the sea as Siberia.

Apart from all this another thing that explains these temperatures in comparison with other areas like the western part of Russia that are at the same height of the globe is that Siberia is a great low plain.

Transport in Russia

Transport Speed Price
Subway high 55R (70cent €)
Taxi High 700R (10€)
Bus medium/low 60R (85cent de €)
Train Medium 80R (1.1€)

In this country transportation is a serious thing. All transports work very punctually and everything works perfectly. In winter you will have constant heating and you will be surprised by details such as the fact that retirees do not pay for transport or have a lot of free services for pregnant women. One piece of advice I give you is to try to be polite when it comes to giving up seats and helping a woman if she needs to carry something heavy. These are very important social rules for them.

From my own experience in Russia my recommendation is that if the city you are going to has metro you should take it 80% of the cases . Only if it is a situation in which you have to arrive very quickly to a place or you are very loaded with your luggage your option is the taxi. And it is not that they are not trusted, because they work very well, but for their quality price. Buses are your option if the city you are going to has neighborhoods like surroundings where there are no metro stops to supply them. In general, Russian has a very particular sense of art, and they tend to reflect it in public transport because for them it is one of the basic instruments of the worker.
Sometimes planning a trip to Russia can be crazy. There is so much to see and so little time available that many factors have to be taken into account. That is why I have included you train. In cities like Moscow there is a suburban train, and the EXPRESS line that connects the airport with the city center. In my opinion, this type of train does not have as much appeal and is not as cheap as the subway or the bus. You should book this transport if you are in a hurry or you are very loaded.

If your goal is to travel to the eastern part of Russia there is an absolutely indispensable and unavoidable transport. The Trans-Siberian train . This train crosses the whole territory from one end to the other and is one of the biggest attractions in the world. If you have time and a good coat, this trip will mark your life.

Tips and information for your trip to Russia

The currency of Russia is the Rublo and the best exchange is provided by the local exchange houses or the banks in destination. If you do it in Spain they give you a terrible change / stick.

Russians have their habits and their way of looking at politics and religion . Don’t engage in a debate on these issues and have a very neutral point of view. Nothing is going to happen but as a visiting tourist you have to know how to respect. You are going to have a good time, aren’t you? Well, let’s enjoy it.

Beware of taxis of individuals , they can often be fraudulent and how little you save you end up paying.

If you are not fluent in the language and can afford a small extra cost, I advise you to hire a personalized guide . Compared to the country you live in, Russia is a very cheap country in some things and expensive in others. The logic of prices changes. This service that will help you greatly in your trip will not be expensive. In case you don’t want to spend on them you can also hire a tour in the city you visit. You can also follow your adventure with our blog.

Russian phone: It is important nowadays to have internet to travel. A prepaid SIM card in Russia is cheap and it’s done right away. All you have to do is go to a shop in Megafon (МегаФон)
that are everywhere. They usually have the best prices and if you go to the center of the city can usually serve you in English.

The capital:

The current capital of the Russian Federation is Moscow . It has not always been the capital, as St. Petersburg used to be. In recent years Moscow has grown a brutality, as such has crowned as the undisputed capital. It is the most populated city in Europe, with 13 million registered inhabitants + 7 million undocumented inhabitants. The Moscow metro registers more than 20 million trips a day .

It is one of the cultural capitals and the most important business city in the world. The city is geographically heart-shaped and has transportation to all its places by bus, metro or taxi. Moscow is impressive.

Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing is one of the favorite sports of Russians. Russia is a country very marked by its customs, the traditional ballroom dance is daily bread in parties and meetings. And not only for these events, it is such a serious subject that they even ask for it as requirement to enter some universities .

Since childhood it is very common that your parents point you to a very severe class of ballroom dancing in which the level of demand is very high from a very early age. Hence the best dancers not only for ballroom dancing but also for ballet and other styles come from the Russian-speaking country.
In all the cities that you plan to visit you will find dance houses where you will be able to attend as spectator to the trainings and frequently you will also be able to attend the contests and tournaments in the theatres and assigned tracks. It is very nice to see, and I can assure you that the level of professionalism and seriousness they show in their performance is first class. Afterwards you can have a romantic dinner with your partner after the evening and enjoy your holidays like nobody else.

Military Politics and Culture

The form of government is a semi-parliamentary Federal Republic. In Russia all the politics and military tradition is very marked by its history. Many surprising laws in Russia are due to socialist policies carried out by the Soviet Union.

The political leader of the country, Vladimir Putin, has been in power for more than 6 years as president-elect and is undoubtedly the image and banner of the country. It is very difficult to govern such a large country, so Russia bases its government on centralizing power and responsibilities in Putin. In general Russians have affinity with their political leader and conversations in this area can bring you problems especially if you are not in tune with their policies. In general, avoid these topics of conversation, because as a foreigner it is very difficult to understand Russian culture at first sight and you have to save yourself from setbacks.


Russia has a great military tradition. You will be surprised that for example in Moscow there is an amusement park where children can drive tanks and be exposed to military propaganda. This is quite normal in Russia and partly they have their reasons. In the same capital you can find tank museums, which are the most famous in the world as well as many other war museums. On the street you can see that many people, especially men, decide to wear military uniforms as normal everyday clothing.

It is rare for a Russian to not know how to use a weapon and this is also due to the fact that military service is obligatory with a duration of more than two years . This fact makes it understandable that he is so fond of military products in Russia.

This much-criticized hobby is also understandable if we analyze that Russia has the largest border territory in the world and that in its history has been involved in countless wars.

I must point out that Russia is very safe . Anyone who has possession of a weapon should carry an updated document, where they have medical reviews in all areas. It is incredibly controlled by the government so you should not have any fear.

Most relevant festivals in Russia

New Year: The vast majority of Russians celebrate New Year’s Eve like the rest of the world on 31st at night. However, there is an older New Year’s tradition dated 14 January. As there is never enough time for the celebration both are celebrated. This celebration sometimes leads to some witchcraft rituals, especially the female part of the family.

Christmas: In Russia Christmas takes place on the same dates as in the rest of the world, as an orthodox calendar is followed. However, unlike in other countries of the world is not a date as celebrated as others of the year. It is considered, in essence, a family celebration.

Pascua: In Russia all the orthodox, that we remember is the main religion of the country, celebrate Easter that can fall in April or May. It is a national event where all the families start to decorate eggs with beautiful colors. Also, it is usually used to do a thorough cleaning of the houses and make special meals and celebration as the Herring in shelter.

Russian language

For some years now Russia is changing your whole environment to be a very tourist country. It will not cost you to find people who can speak English and you should not worry if you do not speak English, there are no experts either. With some English and a little common sense you will be able to get where you want although it is never too much to know some Russian basic phrases in case the shopkeeper at Varenyky’s stall put a glass of Vodka instead of a glass of water.

basic Russian table

Hello (informal) Priviet привет
Thank you Spasiba спасибо
No Ñiet нет
If Da да
I don’t speak Russian Ia nie gabariu pa-russki Я не говорю по-русски
Of course Kañesna конечно
Bye (formal) Da-sbidaña до свидания


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